List of national public holidays of Cambodia in 2019

Day                                Date                                    Holiday                                    Comments

Tuesday                     January 01                     International New Year Day

Monday                     January 07                     Victory Over Genocide Day

Tuesday                     February 19                    Meak Bochea Day                          Date Varies Depending on the lunar cycle

Friday                       March 08                        International Women’s Day

Sunday                      April 14                         Khmer New Year Day                        First day of Cambodia New Year

Monday                     April 15                         Khmer New Year Holiday                   Cambodian New Year eve

Tuesday                     April 16                         Khmer New Year Holiday                  Day after cambodian new year eve

Wednesday               May 01                          International Labor Day

Monday                     May 13                          King’s Birthday

Tuesday                     May 14                          King’s Birthday Holiday

Wednesday               May 15                          King’s Birthday Holiday

Saturday                   May 18                          Visak Bochea Day                                  Birth of Buddha

Monday                     May 20                          Day of Remembrance

Wednesday               May 22                          Royal Plowing Ceremony                       Probable date

Saturday                   June 01                          Children’s Day

Tuesday                     June 18                          Kings Mother Birthday

Tuesday                     September 24                 Constitutional Day

Friday                       September 27                 Ancestors Day

Saturday                   September 28                 Ancestors Day Holiday

Sunday                      September 29                 Ancestors Day Holiday

Tuesday                     October 15                     Commemoration Day of King’s Father

Wednesday               October 23                     Paris Peace Agreements Day

Tuesday                     October 29                     King’s Coronation Day

Saturday                   November 09                  Independence Day

Sunday                      November 10                  Water Festival Ceremony

Monday                     November 11                  Water Festival Ceremony Holiday

Tuesday                     November 12                  Water Festival Ceremony Holiday

Tuesday                     December 10                  International Human Rights Day